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haunted freezer?

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haunted freezer?

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So.  The ice maker in the freezer seems to be pouring unfrozen ice into the ice bin - i.e., water.

It had been off for a while, maybe a month; then on Friday, I dumped the dregs of the bin and turned the maker on to get fresh ice.  It worked fine all Saturday; it worked fine Sunday morning - I know because I was cleaning and had several refills of ice.

Late Sunday, it had put out some half-frozen ice cubes and they had frozen together with what was already in the bottom of the bin.  I thought it might be a fluke - amd I was a little distracted on Sunday evening, anyway.  :)

Today, the ice maker is making creaky noises like loose floorboards, or a house settling - or a haunted house - why, I have no idea - and the bin, when I pulled it out, had one giant half-an-ice-bin-shaped ice cube in it, with regular ice shapes frozen inside it.

Conferring with anarchist_nomad, I got independent confirmation of the probable efficacy of my plan (in that he suggested the same course of action I intended).  First I turned the maker off, to see if it puts out any water when off  - it hasn't in the last five hours, though it is still making that creaking noise.  I just turned it on again now, and will check it either in the morning or after work tomorrow to see what has happened.  From there it's probably a hunt for the instruction manual - if not in the physical I'll look online and go from there.
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