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crap :(

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crap :(

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gyades had a limo scheduled to pick him up at three today.  With all the security craziness, though, he rescheduled the pickup to be half an hour earlier.  Apparently the dispatcher didn't catch the cancellation of the later pickup.

Half an hour ago, a black car came and picked him up.  Two minutes ago, I noticed another black car in our driveway.  It was like an instant replay - except this driver was not going to have a passenger.

Even though it was his dispatcher's mistake, and not my fault at all, I wanted to give him a five for the trouble of driving out on a dry run, but the smallest I had was a ten, and it felt a little too dear - I am not so worried about my uncertain future and finances that I won't plan fun outings (on a PLANE! there were SNAKES!), but when something comes as a surprise, I find I'm feeling a bit tightfisted.  I was NOT willing to ask him if he could make change for a five - I had that thought, but it made me feel yucky - and I would like to think I was about to talk myself into giving him the ten anyway - but he waved me off and backed out of the driveway before I could get there.

This is one of those things like dealing with clerks and waitresses. I don't really know what the rules are, so I feel out of my depth and don't know what to do.  I wish I'd made him take the ten - and I also feel sort of glad that I still have it for salad for lunches next week - and I'm unhappy that I feel glad.  :(
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