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*sings the doom song*

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*sings the doom song*

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I'm working very hard, so that maybe the people who are taking over these jobs will just be doomed instead of*lightning strike*   DOOOOMED *thunder crash*.  

Why?   Why should I care, when I'm losing my job?  Well, for one thing, I'm not temperamentally suited to letting people be screwed if I can help them not be.  Also, I can't quite stand the idea of the mass disorder that is going to occur when I'm no longer there - it will be worse than I've ever seen, what with all new people and no guiding hand with ANY experience in these exact accounts.  Then, too, even though we've just met, I actively like several of them, especially the man who will be the keeper of the zoo we are setting up, and who wanted very much for me to come and work with him (though not QUITE enough for me to do it *g*).

What can I say?  Recognizing my value is an excellent character trait, and one I am always pleased to discover in others.

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