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email thread writes own poem

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email thread writes own poem

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I have an email thread going that was started on July 2.

I just scrolled down to the bottom of it, and to my surprise, I found poetry made by jogged words.

Erasing the sentence bits that haven't been moved to the front of a queue and then removing all the < < < type sequences, I get this:

Fragment Poem

well-considered compliment
had about me, in part
studied.  I'm not even
that it's... fascinating
really surprising
I'm the military - life.
it. I understand
an interesting concept
a regular basis
emotions through
and I think that
dreams,letting them
ones I remember are
course, there's always
which I hold any substantive knowledge.
in a series of clinical truths
disorganized and voluminous inside my head
enough to tell clearly
the situation, though
and in our first and last fight
"Not on the same page
this kind of apparently
longer speaking, and
refuge in the smoothly gelatinous surface
as,"We both made mistakes,"
myself constitutionally
omission that the world at large
situations, so, unlike the issue
might guess at it.

Sad thing is, it's probably better poetry than anything I ever managed to consciously write.
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