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things were done - things of doingness

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things were done - things of doingness

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I haven't been in a writing place lately, which is something of a bummer, as things have been happening which should be recorded.

Saturday the 15th I went to Bristol - the first time I had ever been to a renaissance faire.

Saturday the 22nd, Mom and Bob met me in the morning in Batavia and helped me get my mattress and boxspring from anarchist_nomad and cheshcat's storage unit; later in the day the household celebrated gyades' birthday with an intimate but lively party.

Yesterday I drove to Dad's in tandem with nekouken, leaving the Sunbird there, and then drove back to his place to clean the Dodge, and then he dropped me at the Event Horizon, taking the Dodge back with him.

Both Friday and Sunday I stayed up much later than I should.  I'm tired today, but in a very worthy cause.  Good times.  ;)

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