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two (me and my job hunt), divided by internet

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two (me and my job hunt), divided by internet

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The company has hired an outplacement service for those of us in the finance department who are not relocating.  The seminars are this week.  Today, for the second of them, I needed my resumé.  We don't have a functional printer in the house, so I was going to try to email it to myself, even though several emails from home have not gotten through - I think the company's firewall is blocking my home email as spam, but it might have been the content I was trying.  Had it failed, I was going to ask gyades to send it to me from his email.  

 It all became moot, though, as last night our power went out just before 11 - at the moment I was preparing the email.  The power came back on... for about thirty seconds, not even time enough for me to boot up again.  I gave up and went to bed.  

Happily, it occurred to me to set the alarm on my cellphone, so I got up early enough to do things.  Unhappily, that forethought did me little good, because when I got up this morning, the cable was down - I called Comcast, and  there's an outage in our area (yeah, good, we haven't had enough trouble with connectivity lately!) so I couldn't do anything with my email after all.

This morning was rather sucky, on the whole.  On the other hand, though, I used my jump drive for the first time, and since my boss has an actual computer (I have a Winterm, which is a slimline box that just hooks to the network) I was fairly certain I wasn't going to have to go to Kinko's - though I checked, and I could have used the jump drive there as well if I needed to.  Looking at the Winterm, it actually appears to also have USB ports.  This surprises me, as the thing is extremely minimalist, and I am leery of using the ports, anyway.  Winterms suck mightily - I prefer to mess with mine as little as possible.

However, I have my resumé, and all's well that ends well.  

I'm ready - outplace me, please!
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