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her efficiency

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her efficiency

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Last night I had a really interesting conversation with a guy from our industrial engineering department.  The view of what our company does is so much different for them than it is from my angle (for the record, my angle, that of billing and collections, sucks like Charybdis).

They are free range efficiency experts, creating proposals based on what can and cannot be done with our facilities and resources.  They are the ones who maintain the balance between the pipe dreams of sales and the realities of ops.  Stressful, but it clearly has its satisfactions. 

As I often think when I talk to the guys, I could do that job, were I properly trained.  Too bad there's no way I could have realized just out of high school, still shedding my life as a messy child, that I would be as interested as I am now in efficiency and organization.  Honestly, I might not even have been capable of it a decade ago - I was a fairly different person then.  At this point, I'd have to go back for a BS - I'd be starting over, and I'd still be in this damnable corporate atmosphere.  Not worth it, and it's not really on my radar as I try to figure out my future - but I do think about it; it would definitely have its compensations. 
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