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Black Jewels continuation

I have not been reading lately.  I mean, sure, I read things on the internet, but the sensory input, the feel and smell of paper and ink, glue and, uh, that foil stuff they use on the covers - it's been a while.

However, on Sunday, nekouken dragged me to the Elgin library, for the dual purpose of showing it to me and getting himself a card.  After potshotting the reference librarian ("Can you figure out the book I want?  I don't remember the name or the author, though I can describe him in extremely general terms" - I bet she could have done it, given enough time) I picked a book from a shelf in the sci-fi section (I wish there was anything remotely resembling uniformity in the way libraries do Sci-fi and Fantasy cataloguing): Weaver of Dreams, by Anne Bishop.

It was really great.  Set in the world of her wonderful Black Jewels trilogy, this book contains four stories which fill in the gaps in that series:

       -----a very short piece giving a bit of detail as to how the kindred came about when the dragons were passing down their powers

       -----Lucivar and Marian's courting

       -----a story of a very dark time from Saetan's past

       -----the events that takes place after the end of the third book (saying anything about it would be a spoiler)

Unlike The Invisible Ring, which is also set in the same world, these stories maintain both the character sets and tone of the original trilogy.  They are also, in my opinion, better than the Pillars series which was her followup to Black Jewels.

In my opinion this would not be a good place to start reading Anne Bishop - these stories absolutely depend upon the characterizations and plot laid out in the original series.  It IS a very solid bolstering of what was already a wonderful story - violent and dark, but also filled with the powerful good that sometimes comes out of such things.

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