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You want to give me a fucking break?

"Going out for an ice cream is a summer dating standby... but did you know it can also give you a peek into your date's personality and help you determine your relationship potential?"

"We delineate our flavor preference in ice cream approximately the same time personality traits become fixed -- about age seven -- and both tend to remain stable throughout adult life," says Alan Hirsch, M.D., director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation and author of What's Your Food Sign? With that in mind, Hirsch and colleagues conducted multiple ice cream studies involving hundreds of men and women. The results indicated a definite link between certain personality traits and flavor preference. Read on to see what ice cream choice says about you, your date, and your compatibility.

If the scoop is vanilla?Vanillas are anything but, well, vanilla! These people are colorful risk-takers who set very high goals for themselves. This also impacts their romantic mindset: They much prefer relationships where they feel like they're building a future together.

Most compatible with: Rocky-road revelers

If the scoop is strawberry?Strawberry pickers tend to be followers more than leaders and are happy working behind the scenes. They rarely fall head-over-heels in a flash, but once committed to a relationship, they're in it for keeps.

Most compatible with: Other strawberry fans as well as people who prefer rocky road, vanilla or mint chocolate chip.

If the scoop is double chocolate-chunk?Double chocolate-chunk choosers like to be the life of the party and can't stand being alone. They can require a lot of attention (read: needy) but give as much as they take, which makes for an intensely romantic relationship.

Most compatible with: Butter-pecan pickers

If the scoop is butter pecan?Butter-pecan people are conscientious, competitive, and perfectionists?all of which makes for an extremely attentive date. Ironically, though, they can be slow to share their own most innermost thoughts.

Most compatible with: Double chocolate-chunk choosers

If the scoop is mint chocolate chip?Ambitious and confident, these flavor favorers can also be cynical, stubborn, and argumentative. But get past their contrary nature and you'll find a loyal friend (or more) who'll fight your battles as if they were their own.

Most compatible with: Other mint chocolate-chip choosers

If the scoop is coffee? Coffee ice cream cravers live for the moment. However, these people tend to over-schedule themselves, starting new projects without finishing the old. So watch out?the minute your relationship gets stale, you'll have to work extra hard to keep this person from fleeing.

Most compatible with: Strawberry savorers

If the scoop is rocky road?Rocky roaders tend to appreciate the finer things in life and hate being inconvenienced (i.e., they get impatient waiting in long lines). Good listeners with a sensitive streak, they'll respond better to encouragement than criticism from someone they love.

Most compatible with: Other rocky road aficionados

Kimberly Dawn Neumann, a New York City-based freelance writer, has contributed to Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Marie Claire and Fitness.


On the one hand, show me the hard numbers and maybe I'll consider the possibility.  On the other hand, it makes me want to smack the "journalist" - HARD.

There's NOT A HANDBOOK.  No matter how many clever tricks there are (and with the panoply of possibilities, who could possibly winnow out the false from the functional?), it is ALWAYS going to come down to individuals and flexibility and communication and boundaries.

I like different flavors of ice cream at different times - depending on my mood, I am likely to choose any of five out of the seven flavors listed - and I'd eat the other two as well.

Does this mean I have MPD?  Schizophrenia?  Am I "hard-wired poly"?   

Or maybe I just... like... sugar.

I reiterate - give me a fucking break.
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