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the weekend through today

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the weekend through today

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I had a lot of fun this weekend.  

Friday night, I chatted with several new friends, and ended staying up much later than usual, even for a weekend.  In spite of this, I got up at a fairly reasonable hour on Saturday to do some housecleaning for company (because, really, what better motivator is there?).  

After a quick shower and some "where's my this, that and the other?" hijinks, I headed for the Metra station and, once I'd found it, (not where I'd expected to do so), I picked up nick_numberfor a visit, since he was still in the area after his Jeopardy audition.  He told me and gyades about his audition experience, and then we three played a truncated round of Rummikub before gyades left to go see a movie.

We took a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood - I am finding this summer pleasingly cool thus far - and then decided to go out for Chinese food.  Immersed in the joyous gaudiness of the decor, we had experimental soup - it turns out that velvet corn chowder, like other Chinese soups, is edible but not my cuppa (soup), though it was improved by adding the juice of the lemon slices from the water, and the vegetarian egg rolls we shared were quite making with the yumminess.

Upon coming back to the Event Horizon, I gave him a somewhat belated tour, and then we watched Return of the Killer Tomatoes, which I believe contains ALL my best-loved instances of product placement ever in the world, and after that we had lovely conversation until it was time for me to pursue and drug the cat and then take him back to the train station so he could return to his aunt and uncle's house.  I walked with him under the tracks through the subterranean pedestrian crosswalk before saying goodbye, then went back through the tunnel and flew away home.

Sunday, I ran into an internet exhibitionist and also encountered a very entertaining conversationalist, both in the medium of IM, before heading over to nekouken's apartment to help him remove my things from the storage unit he was borrowing on my behalf and pack it all into his unit.  Since the packing had initially been done hurriedly, a surprisingly small amount of elbow grease in conjunction with a cleverly placed trip to Goodwill left us most of our joint possessions shoehorned into his unit, with a small carload for me to take home, and my clothing boxes to be held in his apartment for a week until there is room for my clothes at the Event Horizon.  We also went out to eat TWICE - once to Jimmy John's (GarGANtuan) and once to Noodles and Company.   I rediscovered the completely unsurprising fact that my hunger for cookies knows no bounds; fortunately, my eating of them does.

We also watched about 7 or 8 episodes of Boston Legal while nekouken worked on a paper.  The little blonde girl is adorable in spite of the somewhat self-contradictory righteous indignation her character bears... and as I have before, I find James Spader strangely hypnotic.  His characters always make me feel as if I am supposed to dislike him even as I find myself liking him anyway.  David E. Kelley is good with creating such dissonances, I think.  Afterwards, I came home and chatted until I could no longer type, then went to bed.

This morning was a bit rushed, as I had forgotten that I had reset the time on my alarm clock.  Happily, gyades woke me this morning, early enough to shower AND medicate the cat and still make it to work on time.

The prenoon part of work today was a bit of a bummer... but it's probably just a happies overload, and I've gotten some things accomplished, so good enough.  I'm looking forward to a productive if dull afternoon.
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