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what was my subconscious THINKING?

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what was my subconscious THINKING?

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I had a dream that Robin Williams came to do a show at our "school" (whatever the hell that means).  During the show, my dad AND my mom showed up to loudly discuss debt management with nekouken and with me, respectively.  My aunt and uncle showed up too, to chase their kid around and yell something at him.

The next morning, I talked to Robin alone for a while while wrapped in a blanket and nothing else, before I realized I was late for "class". I decided to skip; then Robin turned into someone else, a woman (I forget who) who asked me where her stage crew would likely be breakfasting.  I decided it would probably be Dunkin' Donuts.

Then I was in a van with several people, and nekouken was driving down an incredibly long and narrow alleyway, which had been broken into a huge number of small bistro restaurants.  The alley had  many doors and dividers, which I opened without our stopping, since the van was apparently open from the front - or maybe I was riding on the hood.  We were going too fast, though, and we blasted through a blanket door and drove over a table full of a family dining.  The family cursed us, but we kept going - and in our wake, they took the spilled roses from the table and put them in holes in the pavement, and made them grow.  Even though we had driven past, I got to see this in omniscient dream view, and I as narrator or whatever basically rolled my eyes and said, "Not this crap, that changes the whole story."

Then I was trying to plant tomatoes in a bucket of soft fertilized dirt, the kind that comes in a bag, and Betty White (who was with us, apparently) had some sort of an attack - which had also happened to someone else in an earlier part of the dream that was lost - and was out of her head, asking for someone who wasn't there or maybe didn't exist.
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