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relationship things in a random thought basket

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relationship things in a random thought basket

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I sorta miss that certain grin - but it's almost... nostalgic.  Bad endings don't erase the good parts of things - they only build walls.  Memory is a stile.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I can't responsibly get involved with someone else so soon... but I think it's okay to talk to new people.  It had better be, since I am doing it.  It's an object lesson in how differently I react based on the style of the approach.  Also, it's fun.  :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

An internet stranger asked me out, based on that old OkCupid profile of mine, but then disappeared when I made a yes-ish sound.  I think that the restaurant in the afternoon that I suggested may have been too far removed from the smoky evening in a club/bar that he had in mind.  

He is mostly an enigma as yet, in any case - nothing on his profile, and didn't expose too much in chat, either.  He said he has a preference for getting to know people in person.  This is not troublesome to me, as long as it happens in public in the light of day.  Although it's true that, as onebrightroad is fond of saying, "On the internet, no one know's you're a dog," there is nothing about face time that actually precludes a liar's lies - other than those about appearance and the ones that are exposed by body language.  

*shrug*  It's okay if we don't meet; he wasn't really one of the truly interesting ones with whom I've interacted, anyway.  I'm not used to getting asked out, though!  :)
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