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junior Ok-thropology - dating site pings

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junior Ok-thropology - dating site pings

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So, the OkCupid thing.

I made the profile so I could look at another person's profile, a friend of a friend who does not have his publicly open.  While setting up, I didn't write much about myself - I wrote an irritable mini-rant about how it was trying to force me to write essays, and left it at that.

On the 14th, I got an email, in response to my anti-essay, which caused me to go back to the site.

In the intervening week, I've been playing around with my profile - mostly answering some among the 2000+ rating/compatibility questions they have.  When I am logged in to do that, I am also automatically logged onto an intermember IM program, unless I actively choose to turn it off.

I have never used a site such as this before, so this is all new to me.  I have left the messaging on, and talked to the people who ping me.  I also have run an informal poll asking why they pinged me (whenever it was not screamingly, glaringly obvious, that is).

My recordkeeping has been spotty - I may have missed as many as three - but here are the stats as of yesterday:

2 - "just to chat"  (the first one did want to chat, specifically about sex and compatibility; the second one wanted to chat about how he is bi, and loves dick (I talked to him for a while *chuckle*))
1 - "you have a good profile" (this is valid, as I had filled it out somewhat by this point, and I think it is fairly good, at least in terms of representing me)
1 - "you seem like a real person, not like all the rest" (he, unfortunately, seemed just like all the rest to me)
1 - to recommend political books, in reference to my profile (and yes, he logged off right after doing so)
2 - because my profile indicates bisexuality
3 - because my compatibility stats indicate some degree of kinkiness
1 - "you have a great smile" (yes, I uploaded a picture - my paranoia DOES, in fact, know bounds)
1 - in support of my stance against "the man"
1 - a line, in reference to my stance against "the man" (I was amused by it, but then I am unaccustomed to such approaches - I'm judging it in a vacuum)
1 - an approach solely based on solid things in my profile
1 - a random poser about whether some people might buy Chef Boyardee thinking they are eating vegetarian, only to be angered upon realizing that they are in fact eating meat sauce

In terms of worthwhile people to talk to, the stats are 3 definite, 1 maybe, 1 oddball-and-perhaps-random-aggressor, 9 HNGs-who-are-rapidly-ceasing-to-amuse-me and 1 "OMG meet me for coffee because I want to make out with you NOW" (yipe!).

Based on these responses, I definitely had a moment of wondering - did my profile in fact say, "Hi!  I am a whore, and I am really likely to drive for three hours plus for casual sex with you... STUD."  Even so, this is kind of fun.  

I'm astonished by how much attention I managed to attract, even when I had only a shell of a profile - my friend-of-a-friend told me he's gotten one ping ever on that site.  Is that socially-constructed gender dimorphism at work?  To figure that one out, I probably need a wider statistical sample than just him and me.
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