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time ain't no panacea

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time ain't no panacea

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The aphorism, "Time heals all wounds," contains a logical fallacy. It suggests a direct cause and effect relationship that doesn't exist.

Time is a dimension, measurable in moments, minutes, hours, days, gestational periods, what have you.

Healing is in what happens IN time - and only some of them, as not all things that happen are equivalent.

Healing is in talk, in spending time together, in the idea of a first kiss.

Healing is in the act of chasing gyades around the kitchen with a soapy sponge, threatening to give him intimate knowledge of just how wrong he is to doubt that a grill, or a gyades, can "smell bright and shiny."

All these things require the existence of time in which to occur.  Time itself, though, is just something that elapses.

This isn't all the truth that ever was... but for now, it's very true, for me - and for now, that's what matters most.

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