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we owe our memories to those who have passed on

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we owe our memories to those who have passed on

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It wasn't until after I'd written about Buddy yesterday that I realized what I'd created: a eulogy. *shrug* Sometimes we can only understand our spontaneous actions in hindsight.

Since I do in fact have a eulogy for him, though, I'll be modifying it for reading today... just in case, I suppose. I'm not going to push, but I'm probably at least as qualified to speak for those of us who met him in school as anyone else.

If I have words, and the ability to speak them, it's probably my duty to do so. Where this responsibility come from, I don't know, but since I feel it, I'm almost certainly going to answer.

Besides, it's Buddy.

It's clear that he'd drifted from a lot of friends... but I think, if he'd turned up again, most of us would have met him that same way: "Of course, it's Buddy."

I wonder if he knew.
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