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greetings from Caffeineland

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greetings from Caffeineland

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Driving in to work, my body said, "Ok, I'm almost ready to sleep... ok, and... Now." Beat. "Uh, so, ok, where's my frickin' sleep?"

That's when I knew for sure that today was gonna burn goin' down - like a shot of spiced rum, straight without a chaser.

In the last four days, though, I've accomplished almost all of the immediate tasks on my emotional equilibrium to-do list. That feels pretty good, though there are other ways I could and should be being productive instead...

Also in the last few days, I've fooled myself twice already about where I am on the "ok" spectrum. I probably will again, maybe even a few more times. What I figure, though, is that I'm probably on the upslope out of the nadir - and each time I feel that things have gotten better, I'll be at least a little bit closer to right.

I wish I was in Sugarlichtenstein, though.
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