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because life isn't screwy enough...

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because life isn't screwy enough...

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The receptionist at our office ran out of her anti-seizure meds today, and for some unknown reason didn't do anything about it... and when she went to the john,
the unsurprising happened. By the time she had been stretchered out of the office, about fifteen or twenty minutes into this scenario, she was having her third seizure.

Random chance says she might have been found in moments, or half an hour... but the good thing is that it was not that long, because she had her cell phone and was able to hit one of the speed dials. She got her cousin, who thankfully knew what to do - she called our front desk and said, "Ivy is in the bathroom, having a seizure."  The woman who was covering the front desk came to the bathroom, which is right next to my cubicle, and then told me and the coworker I  was talking to  what was happening.

We all did all we could do, which, of course, was damned little. We think she had had enough warning before the seizure started that she had not fallen, but was able to sit on the floor in a corner, because that's where she was when we went in.  In that position, though, she was hitting her head against the wall, so first I put my hand behind her head, then I pulled her fully away from the wall by the shoulder to stop the repeat impact (it was damned hard to move her at all against the involuntary motions of her body). Then we interposed a pillow between her and the wall. Finally, I realized that we needed to get her into a lying-down position.  She ended up on her side, on the floor, with a pillow still under her head to keep her from whamming it any more as she spasmed.

I left another person with her, and went to call my mom, who is a nurse. Mom said we had done everything right, including that she was lying on her side - that would be helpful if she started choking.   Mom didn't tell me anything I didn't know, but her reassurance was a comfort.

When I went back into the ladies room, and found that the seizure had stopped while I was away, I asked her some questions - she couldn't talk, but was responsive with head motion. "Can we get anything that would help you?" *shake head no* "Do you feel hurt?" *nod* Uh-oh. 

I went to find out who would be talking to the EMTs when they arrived to pass along the information that she felt hurt, and then I was dispatched to lead the guys with the stretcher up to the right place. 

At that point, there were plenty of injuns around, as people were noticing what was going on, so I retired from active duty and went back to my cubicle. 

The receptionist is in the hospital, with her husband.  From what we have been told, she does not have any memory of what happened, but she is all right - she is talking and eating, and her husband is with her, and they're going to get her medicated and send her home.

We did everything right, as far as I can tell.  I wasn't even particularly frightened, even though I had never seen a seizure before.

I haven't had much in the  way of focus since, though.  Not that I really had any beforehand.
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