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clarity in text

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clarity in text

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Over the last few days, I have thinking, with great intensity, about my ability to communicate. I'm thinking about it from several different angles, but the important aspect, for the moment, is writing.

I've always thought that I was pretty good at communicating textually. The idea's been reinforced by others, too. I've always expressed myself well in writing - or at least so my teachers told me. Also, not long ago, a friend told me - in a compliment that pleased me to a degree that few have the power to do - that I'm delightfully clear conceptually, very good at wordplay and expressing complicated images, which are all about syntax, the refining and describing, because according to him, complicated ideas are made up of simple concepts (this was said to me in chat, so I am not quoting directly as I haven't asked permission - but I'm looking at the log and have shifted what he said to me from its original IM-style choppiness into a single sentence, and the words are his).

I love this view of myself, I really do... but I'm starting to doubt it - or at least to think that perhaps that clarity only serves me in certain circumstances. Within the past two months, there have been no less than five instances of miscommunication in my relationships that took place in either email or IM, ranging in seriousness from moderate to extreme. They have not all happened in the same relationship, or the same type of relationship; they have not been about the same issues; they have not played out in the same way. To paraphrase the classic snark, the only common thread in all these situations is me - and having realized that, I think I had better spend a little time thinking about possible causes.

What do I do if I determine that these problems are my fault? What on EARTH do I do if I determine that they aren't?
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