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random from work

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random from work

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1:09    I am obsessively listening to the lighthouse song by Nickel Creek - want to know the words by heart.  I think the difficulty I'm having is that the syntax feels unnatural to me.  It's poetic, and I love it, but it doesn't really fit smoothly into my brain grooves.

        An oddity:  that song matches my range really well, in full voice, but the sotto voce I use in my cube (unless I forget!) apparently shrinks my active range, just a bit.  I admit it, I'm a bellower (think Ethel Merman - w/r/t volume only, please!) - y'oughtta *hear* me in the shower!   I may be using the increased volume of air to push through the high end of my range - the head voice.  Hmmm... It's not like I really care for my upper register, anyway.  It's ok, but it's the part that's suffered most from years of no practice.  

Not that I could sing the song even if I were in good voice, anyway - it's too sad!   *sniff*

1:18    *thinks back*  Oh, I was awfully demanding today, w/r/t Friday.  *I'm* not in need; I'm just greedy.  *wince*  Should have stayed low key, especially since I mostly *feel* low key - almost entirely; nearly completely, within an iota of surety.  I just happened to be on the phone during a non-low-key moment.  Bad day at work = valid excuse?  *sigh*  Probably not.  Oops for being such a cow!

I haven't typed in an old handwritten entry in forever.  So much for my purpose for starting an LJ!   Still, they'll keep on keepin'... Maybe I'll do one tonight...  

2:16    I need to stop mood swinging!  Even though I *do* have a good excuse for that...

 3:17    Mike just called to tell me that Randy is now translating Something Positive into German (here's the first comic, translated)!  How funny... I'll have to try to read it!  Of course, me translating him will be a linguistic exercise that doesn't involve a native speaker (I don't *believe* he is), but that doesn't necessarily mean anything.  It's all about fluency.

Everyone should be reading this comic!  Um, unless you're the type that *doesn't* like dark and twisted humor, I guess.  This first strip should be a good acid test of how you will feel about the whole...

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