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accomplishments, of a sort

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accomplishments, of a sort

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Went to Fry's with nekouken, picked up an external hard drive and some other smaller things.  Leared that if we want a second USB cord for the camera, we will have to order it direct from Kodak.

Backed up my stuff, and got a bunch more storage space to boot, then he screwed in all the loose components that were floating around inside the box for me.  Oh, and I and have sound again... since he plugged the speakers in again.  *forehead smack*

In my meager defense, I hadn't looked to see if the plug had come loose because I haven't been under the desk to mess with the computer at all since we first set it up in the office.  I had gotten a blue screen more than once just from moving the tower while it was turned on, and I was afraid to even touch it for more than to turn it on until I had backed up some things - which was difficult to do on my read-only CD drive. Why I even have one of those I have no idea... it will be replaced, once the writable one turns up from wherever it's hiding in nekouken's apartment.
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