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random from work

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random from work

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9:10    Hey, LoH!  I just realized that, between us, we are about halfway to a Jerry Springer episode! Can you guess the title? 

        Oh, too too funny!  *laughs 'til eyes water*

10:51   I still feel so calm. 

        Work today can't be worse than yesterday - yesterday tried to steal my soul.  Maybe if the building caught fire.  But that just might feel like a reprieve.

1:10    Comics from Dave: too funny!

        Meeting about past dues - I'll get to use the stamper, maybe!

1:34    I must have been sooo annoyingly perky on the phone this morning!  Bleh...  I ought to have been kicked in the face.

2:06    I wish I knew more gay boys...

4:36    Definitely should have been kicked in the face this morning

        Too fast to live, too young to die, bye bye!  (yay for Eagles!)

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