polymorphism (polymorphism) wrote,

Aga the mama

I should make mention before I forget the date: my former coworker Aga has left the ranks of the pregno-Americans - she had her baby on Sunday.

She was not due until the end of the month, but she had a previously undiagnosed, pregnancy-related liver condition (not sure what, but it was making her itch continuously during the third trimester - poor thing!) which made her a candidate for inducement.

They gave her a drug on Sunday that was supposed to prepare her to be induced the next day, and told her that the drug almost never is enough to induce by itself. They believed what they told her, too, because they were completely unprepared for her to go into labor, which she did.

She's fine, the baby's fine, they've been home for two days, and I should be seeing pictures of baby Julia sometime soon. :)

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