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I've been hanging out in the vicinity of the bathroom, by necessity, on and off for the last week or so (it's not like I keep track).

It's been in the evenings only, but this time it's lasted through 'til morning.

I can be tough with myself (though I tend not to, anymore, with regards to my job) but I am not going to work this way, nun-uh.  I, ah... in situations like this, I prefer to have all the resources of home, and my boss doesn't want me there anyway if I'm sick in a way that I might be able to pass on.  I may go in later if I feel better, which could happen as it feels dietary in nature (i. e. no other symptoms), but I haven't been doing anything out of the ordinary, and two other people in my department are out with the same thing, so... *shrug*

So the upside is that motivation to get things done has been slowly bleeding back into me - the stress conjunction of diet, move and work messed me up worse than I could possibly have envisioned, but I feel like I'm finally recovering, and staying home will give me a solid chunk of daytime to use.

So going to grab some more sack time first, though.
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