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pleasant day

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pleasant day

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I had a nice morning with laughingimp today. He got a call from telaryn while I was there, so I actually got to talk to her for a minute, too. I was distracted at the moment and felt somewhat at a loss for words, so I didn't say much. I think I made a decent impression, though, and I'm quite looking forward to meeting her in person next month. :)

I also had a highly yummy reuben when we went out to eat around lunchtime. Almost nothing on my plate fit the diet I am putatively on, but oh MAN was it good.*

Next, after some initial trouble figuring out where I was supposed to be (exacerbated by my phone running out of charge - doh!), I met nekouken at a Denny's, and then we went shopping. I did something I have not done in quite a while - I bought CDs: White Stripes; Dropkick Murphys; and a collection of older Heart tunes (bought because I wanted the nasty stuff, in which the lead singer (whatever her name is), reminds me of Grace Slick. Lovely.). I also looked for Dead Milkmen, but though there was a divider for them, they didn't actually seem to have any about. That was a slight bummer, as I was hoping to do something proactive about the fact that I have had "Punk Rock Girl" floating around the margins of my brain for weeks.

Around 4:30, I came back to the Event Horizon, where I made myself available for the minimal help needed by anarchist_nomad and cheshcat for their imminent departure. They had everything very well in hand - the departure was described by gyades as anticlimactic. I replied that this was a good thing, as we don't need any climacts around here. After the suitcases were lugged out to the car, we had good solid hugs all around, including a very touching farewell to me from gyades (who is not actually going anywhere).

I have had a string of pleasant Saturdays. I am wholly in favor of this trend continuing.

* I've been planning to restart the diet post-move, but I've been in such a funk lately that I really haven't been getting that kind of thing accomplished. I think it's finally actually happening on Monday. In the meantime, though, while when I eat something that is not acceptable to the plan, I will make an observation about it, I refuse to feel guilty or sinful about doing it. This is still my first diet ever, but I have observed the phenomenon of dieting all my life, and from what I have seen, I think that the most common culprit when diets fail is the excessive restriction of eating habits, which should be an enjoyable activity, and the emotional component of failing to meet those restrictions.
Honestly, I feel very low-stress about the whole thing. I'm not unhappy with my current weight, I just think it needs to be lower for health reasons, so I am going to lower it. I've learned how, at least in part, but I'm not in any particular hurry - I can take time occasionally to stop and smell the sauerkraut - and then devour it like a ravenous reuben-eating beast!
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