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Tonight I've spent some time on an ongoing project - I'm glueing a jigsaw puzzle together. I find that it is one of those pursuits that gives you a lot of time to think - but which also tends to direct your thoughts.

This is a shaped puzzle - the edges mimic the shape of a Japanese folding fan, rather than the usual parallelogram. To make this work, the pieces have been cut in some extremely funky (and in some cases very counterintutive) shapes in order to fit together properly.

I'm trying really hard, as I work on this permanent assembly of paste and cardboard, to avoid thinking about relationships, especially non-standard relationships - ESPECIALLY especially fucked-up non-standard relationships that are in the past.  It just seems so trite, in a got-no-man-but-I-got-my-metaphors* kind of way.

With that goal in mind, I suppose Barenaked Ladies was not a good choice for background music.

*Being strictly technical, I suppose I have just under 1/3 of a man, on a lend/lease program.
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