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shiny naked people holding urns (links are not work safe)

I am suddenly so in love - with this artist, Håkon Søreide.

A lot of the works here seem fractal-based, which has always resonated with me for some reason, and there are lots of wild colors (I also really loved Lisa Frank when she first turned up, even though I knew her stuff was kitschy and garish - giant eyed-baby animals overpopulated her designs, and yet I simply couldn't resist the panoply of colors).

I'm just floored by how much I like the things I'm seeing here, since I as I just wrote in a post earlier today, I am not generally all that visual.  Similar to my feelings about sports, the bulk of visual arts usually leave me cold unless I can find a way to connect with them on a personal level (like when my cousin's high school basketball team went to state, knowing he was on the team helped me give a crap about basketball, temporarily), but with this artist, there's a powerful grokking in me, even with an astonishingly high percentage of the abstract work, which my mind usually translates as the visual equivalent of white noise.

Looking through Håkon Søreide's gallery, I see that he did an oil painting inspired by a photo by Vincent O'Byrne - the first image on this page.  Having followed the link, I then went through HIS gallery.  There's less abstraction and more skin in this set.

There's some really beautiful stuff in the collections of images both of these artists have produced - much of their work is... lusciously erotic without being pornographic*.

*I think porn is fine and dandy, but this is not that thing.
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