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a whole new kind of work stress

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a whole new kind of work stress

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One of the contributors to my unhappiness and stress right now is the fact that I had a conflict with one of my coworkers this week - one of the two that I usually really get along with. We haven't addressed it; I'm not even sure how. I have a strong feeling that she is not going to agree with me about what happened. For now, we just aren't really talking.

It's happened once or twice before, and normally, it would just blow over, but there isn't really time for that to happen - she is pregnant, and may not even stay out the month.

Also, I am hosting her office baby shower - TODAY. Can we say awkward? It's a commitment, and I will do it, but it will not be fun.

Not only that, but a coworker offered to buy Babies R Us gift cards on her behalf, since he can get a deal where he pays $20 and gets $25 worth. He bought $200 worth of gift cards for the office shower, based solely on my estimate of what I would recieve in donations for her. That estimate was based on the donations I received for the wedding shower I threw in November for a different coworker, and seemed conservative.

To date, I have received 40 bucks. Apparently either everyone has decided to go with personal gifts, or this is just not a giving time of year.

He told me if the estimate was off, he could afford to have just bought a couple himself - but not $160 worth. I am not going to stick the guy with a financial commitment like that just for trying to help me. I have ready cash right now anyway - I am thinking I will buy $120 off of him, use some of it for my personal gift for her, and then, since I think they can be used at Toys R Us as well, I will split it with nekouken and go buy fun things.

I could use some fun things.

Okay, it's time to see just how the commute from Elgin to Oak Brook works.

Damn. What I wouldn't GIVE to stay home one more day.
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