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Vacuum doesn't even look like a real word anymore.

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Vacuum doesn't even look like a real word anymore.

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I have never actually had a final walkthrough before. I knew that it was meant so that they could inspect the place for gross damage, but having been told that I could keep working after six if I needed to, I didn't realize that that meant I could keep working, and THEN the walkthrough would be done, after I was out all the way. Apparently, they can't adequately tell whether I punched holes in the wall or set fire to the carpet if any of my possessions are still here, or any of my cleaning is still undone.

So. The walkthrough is going to be tomorrow, and I am not going to be along for the ride. That is a disappointment, as I wanted to be here for it. However, no major damage has been done, and I have been guaranteed that, due to the preexisting condition of the carpet, I will not be charged for a cleaning, so I am hopeful of getting my whole cleaning/damage deposit back.

This evening, I am going to load everything I can fit into gyades' car (which he kindly lent me so that I would not have to unload mine in order to do my supposed "last load"), drive back to the EH, pick which car to unload, unload it, come back, load up the things that didn't fit, and do a last sweep for cleaning and all that good stuff. Then I will drop my keys into the same slot where I have been dropping my rent for months, and be done with it.

I've got the rest of the night; I can take a break, and go at a slower pace. I could really stand to find some food, as well.

I realize that 1:00 was probably a pipe dream; it was a good goal, with a nice amount of margin built in. I think I could have made 6:00 easily, though, if it hadn't been for the vacuum left in my array of cleaning tools by the absence of my vacuum, and the time it took me to fill that vacuum with another vacuum.

Vacuum vacuum vacuum.
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