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finality, in the form of listiness

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finality, in the form of listiness

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Today is the last day of my move.

I'm going to make my to do list here because:

a) it gives me a legitimate excuse to sit here periodically
b) if I don't, I have to write my final to-do list in OMGHUGESTINKYMARKER! because I packed all the pens last night in a bin that has since been relocated, and then opted this morning to only bring the wallet, not my big purse
c) I get to use the strikethrough tag!
d) this way I can save my list for posterity, for so long as the (metaphorical) halls of LJ stand

My original appointment for the final walkthrough was for 1:00, but I have confirmed that I can go as late as 6:00 if need be for the walkthrough, and later still for final cleanup. I shall shoot for the moon, however, and see if I can actually be done with everything inside my original deadline!

I think I have a list of pretty much every single thing I'm hoping to do in the next two and a half hours.

last shower
replace shower head (ulp! hope I can!)(oh, that was EASY)
clean tub and shower walls
clean shower curtain
pack shower curtains (after they dry)
pack bathmat
pack dirty clothes
pack shower stuff
clean sink
clean toilet
clean mirror
wash walls
clean floor
take out trash
pack cleaning supplies and anything left under sink
take packed things out by front door

final vacuum
vacuum closet
check walls for marks
bring lamp out by front door

final vacuum
check walls for marks

Linen Closet
bring tennis rackets out by front door

pack sad remains of dishes
throw out broken stool
pack fridge contents
take out trash
clean fridge
clean freezer
clean walls
clean counters
clean stovetop
clean under stovetop
clean oven
clean oven hood
clean sink
pack stuff under sink
clean loathsome, disgusting carpeted kitchen floor
take recycling out by front door
take packed items out by front door
take microwave out by front door
take drawer unit out by front door

Hall Closet (where all cleaning stuff will hang out until the end of the show)
throw everything that's left into a bin and put it by the front door

Living Room
dismantle shelves and load the pieces in a bin
pack pillows and blankets
clean dust off heating intake (started inadvertently with a formerly clean shirt - ugh!)
load futon cushion into car
load dolly into car
pack random scattered items in a bin
check walls for marks
take out trash
vacuum closet
load car with accumulated packed stuff
load 1
load 2
load 3
dismantle computer
load computer into car
take vacuum out to car
turn in keys

2:43 - back on track
3:08 - done with the farkin' bedroom! (feels extra good, since that's where I derailed)
4:08 - I'm getting there!
5:06 - I may not be done by the time I have to call for the walkthrough :(
5:54 - no walkthrough for me, darn it
6:12 - damn, do I hate cleaning the bathroom in a place where smokers used to live - yuck!
6:47 - have slowed way down - will need food soon
9:55 - back from eating and unloading gyades' car
10:20 - ahh, the bathroom floor is done
10:38 - bathroom is completely done - at this point, I am doing one task, then taking a break, just because otherwise I have no motivation at all
11:12 - so, I added three things to the list, but I did one of them and two others; so, uh, is that progress?
11:37 - 14 things left (including "git!"; I am really starting to get tired
12:03 - I gave that wall grease what-for, I tell ya
12:23 - 9 things left - next is the accursed carpeted kitchen floor *grrrrrr*
12:36 - ahhhh - I never have to vacuum my kitchen again!
1:31 - fare thee well, internet!
*unhooks computer*
2:48 - I'm home. This is the Event Horizon; now 33% home. :)
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