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unconscious copyright infringement

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unconscious copyright infringement

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Had a Harry Potter-themed dream - except it was influenced by the Sword of Truth novels.

Voldemort had developed a method for having a minion physically create short-term mind control (since it was a dream, the method was kind of stupid - blowing exploding black pepper at people, or something like that). A woman had done it to a class full of kids, with mixed results - and Hermione got caught by it. She didn't do much harm, but once she figured out what had happened to her, she went out to do single combat with the head of the local controlled wizards.

Overlapping this, there was something about creating visions. They were learning about it in class, but then it was used to create the image of another castle somewhere else and layer the vision over a boy's sight (no one in particular; I made him up). He walked into a real life classroom which was in his eyes a library, and was able to research some sort of answer while the other kids could only see him as doing some kind of pantomime.

Also somehow concurrently with the other events was a confrontation between Harry and a frizzy haired blonde teacher (that I made up). When he had her backed up to a tree, she exhibited that she had a demon in her by having a brief spell of possession and then emitting some kind of black demon sludge from her mouth. When she consciously realized she was possessed, she immolated herself in a ball of wizard's fire (there's your Sword of Truth influence) which became a projectile flame that went at the person Hermione was about to battle, to help her.

I don't know what happened because I woke up, but it was dark, man; dark, dark, dark.

Wish the next danged book would come out - well, for HP anyway; pretty much done with the Sword of Truth. Aw heck, I guess I'd read it - won't likely buy it, though.

Hey Chesh - just realized it's going to be much easier for you to get the next HP book! *g*
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