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the evolution of a snooze cat

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the evolution of a snooze cat

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anarchist_nomad has recently taken to calling Nona, one of the cats living at the Event Horizon, "Ghost Cat".

Maybe she is that for him.  She does not seem very ghostlike to me.  Scaredy cat, yes, but she is less so all the time, so far as I can tell.

She was my snooze cat* this morning for about three and a half hours  - and I was sleeping on the big bed.  This is meaningful because she has only ever been my snooze cat on the couch before - she is getting more aggressive.  She also let me move my hand toward her head repeated times, taking it for the petting she wanted rather than as a signal to flee.

While standing up, I'm still not allowed to approach her, or call her name, or reach out to her.  If I do any of those things, she will run away as if I am chasing her with intent to kill, same as she always did... but after I (finally) got up this morning, she DID go and stand by the bed and gave me very clear orders to get back into it, which is new. 

I didn't, though.  I am a disobedient human.

ETA: She was sitting in the box just now, and meowed like she wanted petting, and she let me reach into the box to pet her without panicking! Wow...

*Snooze cat: when you have set your alarm for much too early and are therefore hitting snooze repeatedly,  the snooze cat hovers around you, and demands your half-conscious attention every time you wake and stir in order to hit the snooze button.  When you fall back asleep,  the snooze cat waits for the alarm to go off again, thuus restarting the cycle.
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