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I'm feeling better.

Went to the urgent care clinic today; doctor told me it did not look like strep (was pretty sure it wasn't, but it hurt so much I couldn't rule it out) but that they will test the culture they took. She told me to continue with the over the counter meds, but gave me a scrip for amoxycillin to take if I have another relapse, and a note so that I can go back to work on Monday (O frabjous day!).

I also caught up on Sluggy, which I had not read since July. I am caught up on all my webcomics except for two, I think. It's a silly thing, but it's sort of a... not a weight off, exactly; more like a relaxation, a sense of, "Ahhhhhh." (Callooh! Callay!)

Also, it means I can start up a couple of new ones. *grin*

Oh, and I made me a new icon.
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