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I'm guessing this means "a little bit of self-praise has never hurt anybody yet".  That fits the context, anyway...

Had to try to deconstruct it myself - I doubt if this word (I use the term loosely) is in any dictionary on the planet, though whether it's in the lingua franca I have no way of knowing (at least, not without asking someone, which I am loathe to do.  It's one thing if the info is volunteered...).  This is why German is fun!

Actually, now that I am thinking about it, I have to admit, I often use the same kind of construction - I just separate the words with hyphens.  It's the exact same kind of mashing-words-together-to-indicate-that-they're-all-meant-to-be-considered-as-one-concept (case in point!).  I wonder if I do that because I studied German for so long, or if it's just something my brain wants?  I wonder if Phillip does it independently, or if it's my influence (I know *he's* certainly influenced *my* writing!)?  I wonder if there's a word for that word-mashing practice?  "Compound word" is the expression I was taught back in first grade - it doesn't really seem to cover this, does it? 

Hypercompound word.  Ultracompound word.  Megamaxisuperextremocompound word.  Hmmm...

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