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I had to have that one more snooze this morning...

It was the last one. I seem to have shut off the alarm. I woke up at 9:21, and called in sick.

I think I needed the rest. This whole week has been stressful as all heck.

Of course, now work will be stressful as all heck next week... I guess I had better prepare to do some serious overtime. It's probably going to get pretty hairy now that the temp who was helping me is going to be diverted to train to cover for my pregnant coworker when she goes on maternity.

Between us, this temp and I have been doing my work, which had gotten to be overwhelming, as the holidays are our peak season, as well as some of the work of my former coworker who quit at the end of December. Now it will be me alone, doing my work and hers. Thankfully, she was something of a slacker, and not all of her work is coming to me, so my daily workload hasn't doubled, so much as increased by about half again. I've gotten through clearing up her terrible filing while I had help, so I'm in over my head, but at least when I stick my hands up, they poke out of the water.
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