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Last night, cheshcat and I went to Roly Poly, as EH folks frequently do. It is a franchise, but it has a very strong family feel, mostly because this particular one is owned by a family, and the folks who work there are almost all family members.  According to the grandma, who was working the counter last night, they work for food and love and not much else.

This lady was adorable.  A self-described "Chatty Cathy", she talked with us while we ordered, and then while we waited for our order to come up, things like telling us how several handwritten menu items, such as hot dogs, were there at the behest of the youngest generation. I'm certain I've never seen an elder be so cute while disliking rock and roll (it was Aerosmith, "Sweet Emotion) - probably because she was letting them play it in the kitchen even though she was anxious for the owner of the CDs to come and take them away, which happened while we were there, to her relief (and then she told us all about the girl in question, how she was going back to school and what a hard worker she was - very grandma-esque).  It was very cute tolerance, the kind you want to pick up and snuggle.  *g*

A man came in while we were waiting, older than us but younger than the grandma.  We moved to get out of his way, and he said he was still looking.  She started telling us that she could usually tell when someone wasn't ready to order, and then he said something slightly flirty to her, I can't recall what.  She forgot how to be chatty, and started grinning, and covered her mouth with her hand, and looked at us as if to say, "Oh, my!" or maybe, "Help!"

I believe cheshcat wanted to adopt her.  I can't say that would be a bad thing.  :)
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