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The (risen from the graaaave) Master List Of All Time And Space

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The (risen from the graaaave) Master List Of All Time And Space

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To Do For Immediate Future as of:

Thursday 8/23/07

email Aunt S recipes
write business email to CD
mail in time cards?
pay for car
finish mom afghan
job hunt in NE
swimmin' hole in NE
forward mail
organization project with Num
buy helicopter toy for dad
contact BtoP
   Akira book
set up gmail account (upload archived email)
find a GRE study guide
study for the GRE
take the GRE
attach front license plate
call Aga
call Mawiah
call Sabina
sweep bathroom
clean bathroom
call AT+T with question

cat litter
container for cat food
coupon organizer
drawers for under desk
find something to replace purse
get old film developed
letter opener
second jump drive
laundty basket
lint rollers
mini tape recorder
more memory for digital camera?
new glasses
new mouse pad
new paper address book

organizer for desktop/under desk
trash can for desk

arm weights
Red Dwarf books on tape (read by Chris Barrie)

Things to Schedule
go through mail
check email
check online banking for anomalies
balance/reconcile checkbook
work on filing ('til done)
post to LJ
work on a project
clean desk for night

weekly (last 7/25)
filing day (once big filing project is done)
car maintenance
update planner
update calendar
remove completed to dos
contact someone I haven't heard from in a while


cat claws
BtoP  (last was 9/19)

update digital address book (when done)
integrate chat logs

start using coupons

job stuff for immediate future
reading list
farewell party from 8/19
bread pudding
Bailey White
Sunday with K
box project at work

General To Do
arrange trunk better (with bungees?)
bake cookies and mail them
call Edward Hospital
Ph test for soil by firepit
get car checked out for trip
gather stuff borrowed from nekouken
clean garage
set up new bank cards
crafts (make detailed list)
digital address book O-T
digital address book U-Z
figure out debts
find and try vegan marshmallow recipe
find bookmark collection
find lite brite
find new German LJ to read
find old research list/make new research list
find out about protective coating for cars
get new passport
get second set of swimming stuff
get separate AAA card
go to dentist
go to doctor's
holiday gift list
join polychi list
list what I have at Dad's
list what I have at Mom's
list what I have at nekouken's
LJ icon project :)
contact NE temp agencies
look into other webmail
look up censorship activism
make a list of all projects
make a project rota
make my own toolbox
new sewing box
organize keychain
plan trip to Dave and Busters
relearn to sew
replace crockpot lids
research pirates!
return borrowed things
return cable modem
tagging + titling project Apr 06
tagging + titling project august 06
tagging + titling project Feb 06
tagging + titling project July 06
tagging + titling project June06
tagging + titling project Mar 06
tagging + titling project May 06
what to do if accepted for school/what to do if not accepted for school
book list
movie list
music list
list of wallet contents
list of purse contents
add birthdays + anniversaries to addresses
get food processor fixed
recipe cards to Erin
what to do with paper dolls?
integrate all chat logs
fix dropleaf table
register at Borders
clean out email
Is there still an MST club?
make car emergency kit
make regular overnight bag
Mom thinks we should have info about her will
start putting out food for stray kitties?

Smashmouth, "Walkin on the Sun"
Rabbit, "It's Love"
Harry Connick, Jr., "Songs I Heard"
Lou Bega
Jonathan Coulton - music NOT on Thing a Week

Books To Read/Purchase
Changeling by Delia Sherman - recommended by resourceress
His Dark Materials, by Phillip Pullman - recommended by Nomad
Ella, Enchanted - Newbury award winner
His Majesty's Dragon, by Naomi Novik - recommended by k?
author Nora Roberts, recommended by Jana in Denver
The Tenth Kingdom
The Grimmest of Grimm, illustrated by Cyrus Roa - a courtesan at Bristol told us a story from that book and pointed us his way.
Terry Goodkind

Movies/TV to See/Purchase
Alias Season 4
Alien Nation
Angel Season 1
Angel Season 3
Angel Season 4
Angel Season 5
Buffy Season 5
Buffy Season 6
Buffy Season 7

Crow, The
Dangerous Liasons
Ella, Enchanted
Fight Club
Ghost in the Shell
Howl's Moving Castle
Last Samurai
Love, Actually
Pan's Labyrinth - Spanish movie recommended by Chesh
Postcards From the Edge
Private Eyes (with Don Knotts and Tim Conway)
Ring, The
Sixth Sense, The
Star Trek Season 1
Star Trek Season 4
Star Trek Season 5
Star Trek Season 6
Star Trek Season 7
Terminator 1
Terminator 2
Terminator 3
Usual Suspects, The
Wire, The


Monday 8/6/07
call about filing cabinet
put filing cabinet to curb
thank you note to Grandma
put away clean laundry
take load of stuff to nekouken's
sort clothes to take to store/bring
dishes  1   2  3
read HP 6, 7

Tuesday 8/7/07
sort out all keys
get rid of filing cabinet in garage
work on boards
put stuff in storage at nekouken's
take care of unassembled shelving unit in garage
read HP 7

Wednesday 8/8/07
check email
balance/reconcile checkbook
sweep basement
mop basement

deposit grandma's check
deposit work check

Tuesday 8/14/07
dry cleaning

Thursday 8/23/07
call UPS about mailbox
call gym about cancelling membership
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