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New Year's resolutions (are no longer here)

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New Year's resolutions (are no longer here)

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I like lists.

I often make short-term lists for large complex tasks, such as cleaning the whole house.

I used to make daily or weekly to-do lists on a regular basis, but it's been a long time now since that was the case. Reality check: anarchist_nomad, a huge listmaker, has never seen me do this - didn't even BELIEVE me that I do it - and I've known him for just over two years now. Clearly it's long past time to get back into the swing of things. Even clearerly, I needed a trigger.

Welcome to New Year's resolutions 2005.

I kept diddling with the list - I've been back into it about five times today... and then I finally realized that THIS is the Master List Of All Time And Space that I have been needing to regenerate for ages and ages, and have failed to create several times.

I'm going with it. I'll incorporate my latest false start as soon as I have the clipboard in front of me.

As an added bonus, I can at last follow the cool kids and have a post that hangs out at the front of my journal.
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