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I have a flat tire; I must have punctured it, and it completely deflated during the night.

I would have called and asked to borrow gyades' car, which is just sitting in the garage, except I already had tried all the keys hat ahre here, and could not find any that would work.  The one I used when I borrowed it before is gone, and there was one pair on a ring that fit into the ignition, but I couldn't get them to turn, so maybe it is just locked or something.  Either way, no car to borrow for me, so I did not bother to call.  Even so, borrowing a car would only be a temporary fix - I need my wheels operational.

  • I've called my boss.
  • I've pried off the hubcap.
  • I've raised the car on the jack.
  • I've been totally unable to move any of the bolts, even though I have a cross-shaped jack for maximum leverage.  Amazon or not, they aren't moving for me.
I don't have AAA; I always shared it with nekouken.  He is coming out to help me now.

I already had a list of New Year's resolutions; something (I can't imagine what!) has made me think of a few more.
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