August 3rd, 2006


probably need a decoder ring

I'm remembering dreams almost every night lately.  Unfortunately, with my sleep pattern (multiple snooze alarm hits each morning), they do a fast fade before I have a chance to record them.  Still, life feels richer, somehow thicker when I get glimpses into what happens to my brain when my body loses consciousness.

Dreams are the Ovaltine of life.  Except, yanno, not powdered and grody.

Sometimes I feel like I'm made of tired.

This is the third week in a row that I've worked extra hours with no vacation time spent.

The work is here, and I want the money.  As motivators go, those are enough for me to get things done, but not enough to keep the doing of it from exhausting me physically and mentally.

11 hour work days should be done in the service of a labor of love.




Yesterday and today we've had people here from the new head office.

The guy who will be running "our" department is courting me.  HARD.

I seem to have made a favorable impression.  :)

ETA: by "courting" I mean that he wants me to come work in Kansas, really really a lot, because I am awesome at my job and it shows right through my skin. 

I can't even imagine referring to someone hitting on me in the office by that term.  Apparently, though, it is a concept capable of being imagined by others (or at least one other, who is a knob).