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IHOPpy weekend

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IHOPpy weekend

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Friday evening, I did housework in the apartment.  I really am pleased with it; a month ago, I found it too depressing a place to actually spend time, it was such a disaster... but the nice thing about entropy is it is a slow process a lot of the time; elbow grease gives it huge setbacks.  The apartment is not perfect, but it is basically ready for anything I might wish to do with it.

What I wished to do with it on Saturday morning was have laughingimp over.  We spent some time watching The Incredibles, which was fun.  We also went out to IHOP, and I did something I have been meaning to do for years: I tried the flippin' potato pancakes.  They were pretty damned good.  I gave one to laughingimp, and in return I tried his blintz with apply stuff (yeah, completely sure that's what they're called on the menu).   It's a good context for apples, of which I am not normally overfond.  It was a good thing to enact that trade, too, as the potato pancakes come with a bowl of sour cream, and that's it.  It felt like a surprise, but then, what was I gonna want as a side, hashbrowns?  The sample of his dish gave me just enough variety, and I survived the potatoey goodness.

I like IHOP.  In direct disregard of the name, going there feels to me like such a midwestern thing to do...  much like buying a microwave, which I did this month.  Yes, these things exist on the coasts (IHOP is bicoastal, right?), but when the people out there indulge in them, they are behaving in a midwestern fashion.  I have spoken.

In the early evening, nekouken came over, and we went to Don and Lorena's place.   The twelve year old,Yeltzin (or however you spell the kid's name; I really should ask sometime) is apparently grounded until the end of time (i. e., when the next report cards come).  My attention was focused on Matthew, however, who turns one this month.  I intend to eat this baby.  There is no other way to cope with his unbridled cuteness - or, well, I suppose I could just repeatedly poke his nose, or wave and smile at him while saying, "Look at you!"  and then watch the dimples form.  I'm flexible that way.  A happy baby is a blessing (I wonder by what).

We were there during dinner (it has been so long since I ate dinner with a nuclear type family that I had forgotten that 6:30 is a normal time for that activity, otherwise we would have come later - oops), but they were happy to feed us.  Lorena made... uh, I forget... I think they're called stromboli?  They're like rolled-up pizzas.  This is one of Don's favorite dishes from his childhood, and Don's mom gave Lorena the recipe.  She's made them three times now.  nekouken and I had some pressed upon us; they were good.  I think I would like them to be baked a bit longer, but that would just be for crispiness.  Also, they were pepperoni and cheese, but would be really awesome with some vegetables; not going to happen in that house, as onions will kill Don, and they tend to congregate with other vegetables, so he in turn tends to refuse to eat any of them, and just stick with meat (I worry about his health sometimes).  We all (except for grounded Yeltzin) watched Sahara, which was quite enjoyably actiony.  Penelope Cruz has such a pointy face that it kept pulling me out of the story, but that's not her fault; she played the meat-and-potatoes passionate-I-really-really-care doctor role very well.

We went back to the apartment, and nekouken stayed overnight so that we would have the AM for chores.  In the morning, we watched Aladdin, and then, since there is, after all, no food in the apartment, we went out... to IHOP.   We both had the steak omelette.  I was slightly chagrined, because I had to send my hash browns back - they had the taste of oil that has been on the grill too long, and I just could not eat them - and get pancakes instead.  The funny thing is, I hadn't realized it would, but the omelette had hash browns in it as well.  They had that same taste to them as the naked ones on the little plate, but I found them edible mixed all in with everything else in the omelette.  It was not as good as what I had had the day before, though.

We came back to the apartment and ended up tacitly watching All of Me - it was supposed to be on in the background while nekouken worked, but we both ended up focused on it.  That movie smacks of childhood, to me - we must have watched it two dozen times on that old VHS tape (same one as Ghostbusters!).   Lily Tomlin reminds me of my mother, if my mother were a consistently brilliant comedienne (Mom has her moments, but...). Then nekouken loaded his car up and left, and I headed over to the Event Horizon, where I wrote email, had a hefty nap and spent some time talking to cheshcat.

So, good weekend, full of movies and food.

Unlike apples, I think I could conceivably become quite overfond of laughingimp.
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