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intro to wintro

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intro to wintro

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Ah, winter does not have a graceful transition.

It's too cold for one layer any longer, but when I add another layer, I overheat without careful management. I don't like having to pay careful attention to what I am wearing.

It's just warm enough that in the daytime there is plenty of moisture in the air, which then at night first condenses on the car windows, and then freezes, often times in such a manner that it is really difficult to scrape off (when it's just warm enough that its a bit soft and piles up on the blade, I actually like scraping the windows).

I shower in the morning before work, because it wakes me up, and my morning routine is really short. I'm guessing by next week my hair will start freezing during my walk from the front door to the car, and since I first run a pick through it in the car, I have to wait until it thaws (though again, this is kind of fun, and not harmful to me - it's only the outside of my hair; the part against my body never gets cold enough to freeze).

What to do: I have started wearing my coat, I dug out gloves... Oh! I need to find my lock de-icer!

I prefer this to high summer, but I will be pleased when we get into winter proper, with snow, the (relatively) stackable form of water, and no more window scraping. I can't really afford that delay - I have trouble getting out of bed, and therefore I already play russian roulette with the timeclock each morning as it is without additional time constraints.
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