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they miss my skin

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they miss my skin

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I am out of bed - I can't spend a whole day horizontal - and I was just talking about A Softer World, which is... well, it's not a webcomic, exactly, though that's the closest I can come for a name.  It's photos with text laid over - no characters, no story; just pictures and words.

This is what I had to say about it:

newlyprofligate: hey, look at this...
newlyprofligate: http://www.asofterworld.com/soft_sep9_2005.htm
newlyprofligate: I tell you
newlyprofligate: there is something about this...
newlyprofligate: every one of those...
newlyprofligate: it's like they miss my skin
newlyprofligate: hit me directly in my internal organs
newlyprofligate: and I can't even tell where
newlyprofligate: or why
newlyprofligate: but they just have this... feel
newlyprofligate: I want everyone to read it
newlyprofligate: I guess that means it's good?

Please go and read A Softer World.
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