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So, irritating person at work, we meet virtually, in my LJ, where you have no actual voice and it's really just me publicly ranting about you.

That suits me just fine, as you deserve no better (I don't think you realize that whenever I tell someone in the field that they have to get some information from you, most of them reply, "Uh, yeah, we'll keep working on that." It doesn't speak well of our company at all that so many people fear and dislike you, and work to avoid coming to you for help as hard as they can... considering that you are our corporate training manager.).

I am glad you did the correction on the error they made out in the field, which I caught. I find it highly gratifying when, in the space of thirty seconds, I save the company as much in erroneously lost revenue as they pay me for a whole week (aside: I'm pretty sure this means I can legitimately coast at work until next Monday. *g*).

I am less glad about your note. You know, the one on the bottom of the sticky, where I had written, to describe the problem, "decimal error"? The one in which you said, "No, just a typo," in response to my note?

The reason I am unglad about this is that the error in question was a rating error, and while I will concede that it was indeed caused by numbers being incorrectly typed into the system, those particular wrong numbers were 54.05, while 540.50 would have been the right ones.

It's been quite a while now since I was in elementary school; it may be that I have lost some of my grasp of the basics I learned there. However, I feel fairly firm in my recall that the funny dots stuck in the middle of all those numbers are called decimal points. That's why it seems possible, plausible, perhaps even, oh, say, CORRECT to refer to such a mistake as the one in question as a decimal error.

I can't really say anything harsh about your being pedantic; as a person who has had "detail-oriented" written on each of her four annual reviews at this company, I have to cop to being pedantic myself. I don't, in general, tend to say anything harsh to people for making mistakes, either. I have made some of those myself as well, and I think it's forgivable - it had certainly better be! However, when I'm faced with not only erroneous pedantry but arrogant, erroneous pedantry, I move out of the realm of whether I say harsh things to people or not and into "who is it you are reminding me of?" country.

Then I remember, and the comparison is not entirely inapt.

Once again, the universe laughed, and gave me, as a coworker, the infamously annoying Brainy Smurf.
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