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at home again, for the moment

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at home again, for the moment

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I'm going to go in late to work today.

My boss has asked that we not come in if we are sick, because she is going through cancer treatments and has no immune system ATM - so a cold could put her in the hospital or worse.

My nose is running, and though I am pretty sure it is just because of the wringing I put myself through last night and the lack of sleep, and will go away, I need to make sure.

If I were she, I would not add to the strain on my health by risking coming in - I would either work from home every day (since she can for at least some of... whatever she does) or invoke the FEMA. However, I am not going to begrudge the opportunity to stay home and go back to bed for a while.

I probably would have been late today, anyway. Better an hour or so unpaid than a write up and the stupid, annoying lectures that go with it.
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