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hey, telemarketer

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hey, telemarketer

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I wasn't rude to you.  It's not rude to tell you that I am not going to buy your product, but that I want your 800 number.

It's not exactly rude for you to tell me that if I order through the customer service line, you won't get a credit for the sale... but it does kind of undercut the shiny goodness of your sales pitch that I should buy products made by the blind, because they are blind, and have made products.

It IS rude for you to hang up on me while I am still talking.  I had already written "800" on a pad.  It's true, I might not have done anything with it; it's also true that it didn't help you in any way to give me that number. I have a hunch, though, that part of your job is to get the message out there, even if you don't get credit for that. That's what the sacred "giving of the 800 number" part is all about. The message I got was "click".

I get that you aren't really doing that job because you like blind people.  I get that it's a paycheck, and a really shitty job at that.  I have had one similar, I know how it feels.  However, you need to understand that your job involves not only cold calling (and on a Saturday morning!) but also huckstering me by tugging at my heartstrings, and that when you do that for a living, even a person who is rarely rude to strangers will sometimes treat you briskly - especially when you have interrupted my preparations to do my own helpful act, which involves no credit at all, other than the internal ones. At any rate, I'm not likely to give out my credit card information on an incoming call, so you weren't getting anything from me anyway - not without being much more convincing about... well, anything, really. I was categorically unmoved.

Sorry, bud, you called the wrong number when you called me, and you failed to win me to your cause that you don't actually care about.  I can buy my lightbulbs elsewhere.

Ahh, I can feel the stupid irritation flowing away into the annoyance sink that is LJ...
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