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redefining a childhood affection

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redefining a childhood affection

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Today was nekouken's birthday.  Took him to Best Buy, bought him stuff.

We discovered that DangerMouse is out on DVD (and if that means nothing to you, then your life is not yet complete).

We feared a Thundercats experience*, but it was still funny, still fun.

I realized something else today, though, something new: DangerMouse is kinda hot.

What is it exactly?  Is it the accent?  His immense capability as an action hero?  The way he wields sarcasm as a weapon?  The sometimes petulant, sometimes sultry tenor of his tenor voice?  His hot car?

It's probably a combination of all those things... and I'm also thinking a lot of it is the eyepatch.

Ooh, eyepatch...

*Please tell me everyone knows what that means...
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