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home, where my music's playin'

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home, where my music's playin'

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Have barely been at the computer at all so far this week.

However, I am here now, when normally I am not.  Driving to work this morning, my stomach started to hurt, and I felt nauseous.  I called my boss to tell her I was thinking of pulling over to see if I was going to throw up.  I also told her it could be one of those things where I need to drink some water and eat something and then sit for a bit, but she is in the midst of post-cancer treatment and can't afford the risk of getting sick, so she told me to stay home for the morning and call her at noon to say how I'm feeling.

I feel fine now... but it also feels really nice not to be in the office.  Also, I really do need more sleep - I can feel it in my eyes.  And if I stay home, I can maybe get my car problem taken care of today.  I may just stay home all day.
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