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Lost my internet privileges at work.  So now it's really great to be there!

*sigh*  It's perfectly within the company's rights to take my internet access, of course.  I was using it way too much - and my boss has no way of knowing that I have been bringing work home to make up for my inability to focus during the day.  *I* certainly am not going to tell her, since I would probably get in trouble for that, too (pheh!  Stupid company has too many useless rules!).

With that in mind, I wouldn't have a problem with it at all, except for the surrounding circumstances.  She told me to stop going online except on my breaks - and I *did*, instantly.  Then she had IT turn it off anyway.  If she was just going to cut me off, why lecture me, too?  It would have been a much better managerial move to do one or the other.  The way she did it tells me clearly that she makes snap judgements - well, I already knew *that* one! - and that there is no real benefit to doing what she tells me to do - it doesn't protect me.  I already knew that one, too.  I would rather work with someone who is always a stone bitch than to never really know where I stand!

Huh - don't really want to do the full gripe - I am swimming in Lake Don't-Give-a-Shit right now, and I don't feel like getting out and drying off.  I'll just say the basics: Her management style does not work for me at all.  She could probably pull off the martinet style she's indulging in if not for the fact that she's:

  1. still essentially a trainee - she does not yet know her own duties, outside of being "in charge", and she's trying to administer mine?  She doesn't know what I'm doing 3/4 of the day.
  2. sloppy - when I gave her something with a note attached, and received it back a week later, sans my note, but with a *new* one from her asking why I gave it to her, I was completely disgusted.  In the office, you live by the Post-It, or die by the Post-It!
  3. (A bunch of other crap that I don't feel like writing about, though I probably should - maybe later), and
  4. maybe bipolar - my department is totally being subjected to the mood-swing method of management!

She doesn't know that, in me (and a couple of the others), she is seeing only the ruins of an excellent worker.  She doesn't know that she is being judged - and found wanting.  There are a lot of things that she doesn't know - I may just write a nice letter to hand her right before I walk out the door for the last time, to let her in on all the things she doesn't know.  I read somewhere that you should always let your boss know why you are quitting, and give them any advice you may have on improvements they could make...

In the meantime, I got to do something awesome:

Me: (tosses envelope on her desk)  This needs postage for Canada.

Her:  So? (subtext: "Go do it already!" - she had told me last week I should look it up online)

Me: (perfectly calm) I can't look it up.  I don't have Internet access.

Her: Oh...

And as soon as I stepped away from her view, the happiest grin spread over my face.  Why did she think I had access in the first place?  So that I could do the annoying online things that my old boss - my extremely competent ex-boss, to whom she does *not* measure up - didn't want to have to take the time to do.  She's won herself a couple of annoying new duties - and while I did acknowledge the company's right to revoke my access, I am *so* not above enjoying handing over the little tasks to her, one by one.  I just wish I had had more of them!



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