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interesting morning

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interesting morning

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I was having some seriously freaky dream this morning.  I can't remember it at all, other than the feel of it, though - it was about 10:15 when nekouken woke me up because there was an alarm going off in the hall, which he was pretty sure was the fire alarm.

I picked up Valentine, but then I realized I was not really set to go outside.  There was no smell, no heat, no noise other than the alarm, and we live on the first floor and we have plenty of stuff to break out of the windows if need be, so I figured I would accept the risk that our ceiling would collapse on us and take the two minutes to dress and grab my purse before we started the inevitable cat-wrangling in earnest (we really need to either find or replace our carrier...).

Cats in arms, we opened the door.  When the alarm sound went from muffled to much much louder, the cats went from alert to panicked.  As we went toward the exit door, we were stopped for a moment going out because of the firemen coming in and heading directly for the stairs.  It was this moment that Savage let loose his bladder all over nekouken.  I think Valentine did too, because I also had a wet spot, but it was much less spectacular, though no less unpleasant for her.  Poor terrified babies. 

We went outside, where there were five fire trucks and an ambulance.  There were people standing around, though not as many as I would have thought.  We went and sat in the car, well past the distance where the building might collapse on us, so that we could let the cats go - that usually eases their panic somewhat, though Savage will still yowl his fear. Afer a few minutes, I pried Valentine out from under the accelerator in order to turn the car around so that we could see what was happening, and know when it would be safe to go back inside.  Savage settled into a very tense and waiting silence in fairly short order, and Valentine seemed almost calm.

It had been about 20 minutes from the time that I was first awakened when people started going back inside.  Just to be sure, we asked a fireman who was in the process of taking off his gear whether his disrobing meant we could go back inside.  He said yes, so we again captured the kitties and went back in. 

We let the cats loose in the apartment, changed clothes, and started a load of laundry with vinegar.  Two hours later, they don't seem to remember that any of this happened.  Only the holes in my shirt from Valentine's back claws will tell the tale.

This happens periodically; it's part of apartment living.  I don't like it.  We don't know what happened, don't even know if there was actually a fire. 

I am pleased with the response time of the fire department, though.

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