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I am a jar; feed me bugs.

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I am a jar; feed me bugs.

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I just thought of something, and it sounds so good right now.

See, I like myself just fine, but I'd like to feel what it's like to be someone else.  I don't particularly want to change huge chunks of myself, though.  I'm not speaking of anything permanent.

What I'd like is to be able to eat people - well, not really eat them, but envelop them.  I want to be able to take people inside me, and let them rise to the surface occasionally - and I really mean the surface.  To judge from the shell of me, I would be someone else.

I wouldn't do anything too terrible in particular, like use another person's image to hide my bad acts, or any of the other kinds of plot twists that comic book characters' lives follow.  I would just be this other, and feel what it's like to be this other, and let this other's thoughts flow over my neurons, without ever ceasing to be the one in charge.   It wouldn't be a perfect simulation of this other's existence... but it would be a not-me-ness, and that would suit my desire.

After a bit, I would let the people go again; no harm, no foul. It would just be a way to have newness without having to lose what I already have.
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